5 Tips to Help Your Kids Get Their Rooms Organized

Image courtesy of photostock at FreeDigitalPhotos.net


Getting your kids to keep their rooms clean and organized can be a never-ending battle. Tell them to put their toys away, place their books on the shelves and hang their clothes up in the closet, but sometimes it’s just no use. Don’t give up! Instead, consider these five tips to help your kids get uncluttered:

  1. Consider their height.

Most children won’t be able to reach tall closet racks, bookshelves or bins. When purchasing new storage units for your children’s rooms, be sure to take their size into consideration. By choosing pieces that can be adjusted to your child’s height, they’ll be more inclined to use them when cleaning up.

  1. Show them how

You know the phrase, “monkey see, monkey do.” Kids often mimic their parents —  even when they’re not looking! Show your kids how to pick up after themselves by cleaning up your own mess. When it comes time to ask your kids to straighten up their room, join them. Teach them it’s their responsibility and guide them through the process the first few times.

  1. Give rewards.

Create a reward system! Display a chore chart with specific rows for tasks, such as clearing the floor, hanging up clothes and making their bed. Every time they complete a task, they can place a sticker in that row, eventually earning enough to receive a reward. If you have multiple children, create a friendly competition by pinning a dollar to every cleaning task. You should have a clean house in no time.

  1. Room to move.

Kids are very creative. During playtime, their imaginations can run wild. One day, they might want to build a pillow fort, and another, they’ll be setting up booby-traps for the boogeyman. Consider installing wheels and hooks to a few pieces of storage units, giving your kids the option to move them around for more play space and storage space.

  1. Designate specific areas.

After hours of playing, kids can forget where they got their toys. Label every bin, drawer, pocket and storage area and your children will have no excuses. Bookshelves can be organized by genre using stickers to designate fantasy or non-fiction. For smaller items, hang up a shoe organizer over a closet door with labels on each pocket. Or instead of labeling, consider a color-code system. Use a blue ottoman for stuffed animals and a green one for toy soldiers. And get your kids involved. Ask them where they want their reading nook or crafts table to be. If they get to be part of creating their space, they may be more inclined to stay organized.

These five small things can make a huge difference when it comes to keeping your children’s room clean and organized. Need some help in finding a creative, storage solution for your children? Give Closets by McKenry a call at (865) 249-6382.