Meet the Experts Crafting Custom Storage Solutions for Your Home

At Closets By McKenry, we believe that an organized home is the foundation for a more fulfilling and productive life. Founded by organizational expert Chris McKenry in 2015, our business mission has been dedicated to helping clients in Knoxville simplify their living spaces and enhance their overall well-being through custom storage solutions. For us, closets aren’t just a product, but a culmination of hard work, dedication, and passion.

From Los Angeles to Knoxville, a Passion for Organization

After a successful career in Los Angeles, Chris McKenry returned to his hometown of Knoxville with a simple but powerful mission: to empower individuals to take control of their spaces and lives through organization. 

Drawing on his firsthand experience of how streamlined closets and living spaces can positively impact clients’ lives, Chris opened Closets By McKenry to bring custom-tailored storage solutions to his hometown Knoxville community.

Extending Our Expertise

In 2020, Closets By McKenry expanded our offerings with the creation of Designer Garages. Located adjacent to the closet showroom, Designer Garages provides the same level of expertise and craftsmanship for garage design as Closets By McKenry does for interior spaces. 

Featuring epoxy and tile flooring options, a wide selection of cabinet choices, slat wall systems, and overhead storage solutions, Designer Garages elevates the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your garage. 

Designer Garages was created with the purpose of transforming a garage into something more than a spare storage room to shove clutter in, garage’s can offer the best custom storage solutions when properly designed for the homeowners life

Personalized Solutions for Every Space

At both Closets By McKenry and Designer Garages, we understand that each individual’s storage needs are unique. That’s why our custom designs are tailored to fit your specific requirements and lifestyle. 

We make sure you are a hundred percent satisfied through our extensive design process and make sure we show you every option and customization possible, along with getting to know more about you and your storage goals so we can truly deliver a custom storage solution that you feel was made for you. 

Whether it’s a complete closet and garage makeover or just putting a few changes into a space you already love we know how special your home is to you and we aim to keep it that way.

Ready to bring custom storage solutions to your home? Visit our website to explore our services and contact us to schedule your consultation today.