Organized New Year Tips – Get Organized Month

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It’s All About Making Room for You This Year

  • Clear Excess From Holidays  –  Get the decorations down and organized for next year.  Those gifts you won’t use, return for credit.  Finally, clear the clutter from holiday entertaining.  Review pantry for out of date  foods, clean out the fridge.
  • Set Goals – Record your resolutions and then schedule time in your calendar to review and see if your on track.  Remember, you  can’t travel to a new destination without periodically checking the map.
  • Commit to Wise Purchases – Consider custom design for your home so your storage will meet your needs.  Does your home office have the file drawers you need?  Does your closet have a home for all your wardrobe?  Storage made for your needs most often saves you money!
  • Purchase What You Have Room For – Those January sales will cost you in the long run if 5 sweaters are purchased at 25% off and there is no place to put them.  Edit for space, then shop!
  • Organize the Clouds – often we neglect digital organization.  Have you searched for a photo to share on your phone then given up?  Just a few minutes a day will get the “unwanted clutter” on your digital devices and computer deleted.  Then create folders for categories of pictures to make enjoying easier.

These simple steps should get this year off to an organized start.