The Benefits of an Organized Office

“A messy desk is the sign of a creative mind”: truth, excuse, or maybe a little of both?

We’re not here to judge your desk, and whether or not you agree with the old adage, having some organization in the mix is always beneficial. Consider this – in a crunch time, would you be able to locate last month’s invoices on your desk (in less than 10 minutes)?

A solid system, tailor-made to your needs, helps keep your workflow uninterrupted, boosts efficiency, and lets the creative juices flow without cause for frustration. At Closets by McKenry, we get to know you and your desk habits to help customize the best organizational system for your work routines.

Generic, pre-made file cabinets and dividers won’t do. They were not made with you or your daily tasks, note-taking habits, etc. in mind. We sit down with you, talk through your daily work schedule and determine the best course of action for organization. We don’t add filing cabinets and drawers just for the sake of having them. Instead, each system we craft is customized specifically for the individual customer.

Our consultations are free and easy! We’re ready to help you get the most of your office space, so give us a call at (865) 249-6382.