Organized New Year Tips – Get Organized Month

as seen on Mornings with Fox 43, January 1, 2016 It’s All About Making Room for You This Year Clear Excess From Holidays  –  Get the decorations down and organized for next year.  Those gifts you won’t use, return for credit.  Finally, clear the clutter from holiday entertaining.  Review pantry for out of date  foods, Read More

A Whole Lot of Closet

There is a lot of closet in this small walk-in just completed by Closets by McKenry.  Simple white material is dressed up with bronze hardware and baskets. Side walls have storage for “his” and “her” shoes as well as lots of hanging space.  The center wall not only has baskets for laundry, but also a Read More

Perfect Pantries for Happy Holidays

The holidays are here!  A well organized pantry will make meal preparation so much easier.  Drawers work well for small packages, towels, and even food wrap and zip bags. Your pantry is your personal grocery, so organize it into departments to save time finding things.  Before the holidays, and guests,  arrive spend a few minutes Read More

Kick Start the Summer with a Seasonal Lift

closet clothes organization knoxville

  It’s can be hard to determine which changes faster—the transitions between the seasons or our personal styles. With the hotter months finally here, we’re quickly shedding our winter coat for lighter, breezier wear. So what should you do as you switch out your style? Considering that most people only wear 20 percent of their Read More

Interior Design Society Designer of the Year Award